stephen frost

web developer. visual designer. music composer.

Bowiemap screenshot


6 Degrees of Separation Between You and David Bowie

I worked on a team of two on this project. I ideated, wireframed, and implemented the Ruby / Sinatra / layout / JS / d3.js / neo4j portions. Dynamically visualizes a graph database of ~40k nodes and 100k connections. Strong focus on optimizing query time via Ruby. Focus on recently departed celebrities (Bowie, Prince, Merle Haggard), and the Richmond, VA local music scene. Part of a larger project, this is why I learned to code--to automate processes I'd done manually, in which my MVP eventually hit a 4.0 viral coefficient--but it took 4 hours to make each visualization manually. It now takes ~6 seconds.

Ruby Sinatra HTML JavaScript JQuery d3.js Neo4j Cypher neo4j.rb Slim

Bowie-Scraper Screenshot


Solve That Pesky Data-Acquisition Problem

Automates Bowiemap database population. Improves on my manual process speed by 95.5%. “Learns” to improve its own performance. Uses IBM Watson to extract entities, and Watir WebDriver to thwart CAPTCHAs. Legally I also deny its existence. Has been customized for other uses like automatically building lists of new potential clients/leads.

Ruby IBM Watson API Nokogiri Watir WebDriver

Clout Screenshot


Measure Your Artistic Impact

Quantify influentialness of music artists via algorithm partially analogous to the Eddington Number (long-distance sports) or h-index (academic research impact).

Ruby Neo4j

RightsGarage screenshot


Bitcoin for Copyright Protection

I found unexploited loopholes in international treaties, so I developed a process of getting around the US Copyright Office to produce nonrepudiable evidence valid in all international courts (except Somalia and Uganda). I wrote a provisional patent for a portion of it, with guidance from DOD security contractors and IP attorneys for the UN. A Chinese/Israeli/American company invested in it, which ended in a bang! when Dr. Dre/Beats Music came after us for trademark violation over the name in China right before Apple acquired them.


Album Art

Ten Album Covers

In true DIY form, I have been the layout designer / art director for a number of my own releases. When not stealing from Picasso, I've worked with many excellent artists and photographers along the way.


Rebasing Is Scary

Because you're not 100% sure you know what you're doing.

I designed this t-shirt after a rebase frightfest. If you don't think this is chuckle-worthy, then we may not be a good cultural fit.

Photoshop Anxiety Courage


my face

I solve problems. As a composer and a writer turned developer, I develop elegant code, designs, and solutions. I know how to ask the right questions, value growth-hacking, and learn quickly. My burning curiosity motivates me to do my best work, and approach every challenge with fresh ideas from various disciplines. I enjoy stretching my skills to produce interesting and useful apps that solve everyday problems. I am looking for opportunities to build new and innovative products that provide immense value to the world.

What I Do

Web Developer

Planning, organizing, and communicating are my constant companions. I like finding the right tool to solve the right problems. Coming from an entrepreneurship background, I value creativity while shunning feature-creep, pursue elegant optimization while working to deadlines, and in every opportunity seek to provide value to all stakeholders.


From an early age I found that great design makes people instantly receptive to engaging with it. I became involved with design not for its own sake, but to make visual experiences that aligned with what they represented: apps, albums, events, websites, etc. I seek my visual language in clean, pragamatic design that says what it means.

Full Time Nerd

Sure, I learned BASIC at age 8 and named a dog after Spiderman's clone, but there's so much more to being nerdy. Whether that's learning French, performing in a Led Zeppelin tribute band, or conjuring up my own aftershave, I work hard to learn all I can about the things that interest me.

How I Do It


JavaScript | JQuery | HTML5 | CSS
Bootstrap | Ruby | Sinatra | Neo4j | D3.js


Adobe Suite | Trello | Slack | Bash
StackOverflow | Agile | Lean | Github
Project Management | Remote Collaboration


Fast Problem Solving | Attention to Detail | Organization | Self-learning | Determined | Goal-Oriented


As a developer with an entrepreneurial and creative background, I am enthusiastic about using my skills to discover and solve the right problems. My time as a startup founder helped me develop a keen sense of what's working, what's not, and how to prioritize solutions. The challenge and pursuit of elegance both visually and under-the-hood is as fun for me as is rapidly putting out fires. As a commercial composer, I've excelled in communicating many musical "languages" to solve the problems of multiple stakeholders. The bulk of composition is in knowing the right tool for the job, teamwork, and rapidly responding to project changes--I translate these skills into web development. I'm a quick study, where I learn best through immersion in new languages and concepts for the sake of solving specific problems. I love finding and exploiting patterns and systems, and drawing solutions from diverse fields. Like all creative domains, web development constantly evolves--new rules, new trends, and new things to learn. I look forward with excitement to being a part of what's next.

The Fun Bits

Full disclosure: the only merit badge I ever actually earned was in leatherworking. When I'm not sitting in front of a screen, I'm making music. I compose music for commercials, produce my own songs, and perform with a Led Zeppelin tribute band, a klezmer/gypsy/jazz band, and a synth-pop group whose songs are all about Chile. I enjoy reading, where I'm usually in the middle of some 20 books (I have a system, and I'm great at compartmentalizing). Some of the books I'm reading right now include: Godel, Escher, Bach (artificial intelligence), Rites of Spring (WWI's influence on art), and Les Miserables (bread).